What Transmission Is In A 1998 Chevy S10?

Chevrolet S-10 Pickup, Automatic Transmission, ProfessionalTM Model Year 1998 ACDelco’s Automatic Transmission Fluid Type III-H is referred to as ATF Type III-H. A range of passenger vehicles can benefit from the usage of ACDelco ATF Type III (H), which is an automatic transmission fluid of superior quality. $4.74 – $930.96

Automatic transmission, 4.3L V6 engine, and 1996-2000 Chevy S10 4×4 models are available.

Between the years 1982 and 2004, Chevrolet manufactured the tiny S10 pickup vehicle. During its time in production, the S10 was offered with a variety of different transmissions. Beginning in 1994, there was one automatic transmission and three manual transmissions available for the S10.

What is the Chevrolet S-10?

Produced by Chevrolet, the S-10 is a tiny pickup truck that bears the name of its manufacturer. It was the first small pickup truck made in the United States by any of the main three manufacturers in the country. When it was initially released in 1981 for the 1982 model year as a ‘quarter-ton truck,’ the GMC version was known as the S-15; however, it was eventually renamed the GMC Sonoma.

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When should you consider an S-10 transmission repair?

Slipping gears, transmission oil that smells like it’s on fire or has turned black, and leaks are all indications that you need to invest in repairs for your S-10 automatic gearbox. If you neglect the problems for too long, they will become worse and might put your car out of commission.

Does a S10 have a 4L60E transmission?

The remanufactured 4L60E gearbox was one of the finest remedies for the most significant transmission problems that were affecting Chevrolet S10 vehicles. Each of these automobiles is normally manufactured in a facility and comes equipped with alterations that will increase its service life.

What transmission do I have?

Checking the owner’s handbook of your vehicle is the quickest and easiest approach to determine the type of transmission you have.Along with information regarding service, the name of the transmission and the kind of transmission should be included in your handbook.If you’ve lost your owner’s handbook, most pickup trucks include a white sticker with instructions written on it that’s attached to the inside of the driver’s door.

What transmission is in a 1989 S10 pickup?

It had a limited-slip differential with gearing of 3.42:1, along with a 4L60 automatic transmission, which was its standard equipment.

What vehicles have the 4L60E transmission?

  1. Which Automobiles Are Equipped With A 4L60E Transmission? Buick Rainier 2004-2007
  2. Between 1994 and 1996, Buick Roadmaster
  3. Cadillac Escalade 1999–2000, 2002–2005 (models with LM7/5.3L V8 and also with 6.0 LQ9)
  4. Cadillac Escalade 1999–2000, 2002–2005
  5. Cadillac Fleetwood during the years 1994 and 1996
  6. Chevrolet Astro models from 1993 to 2005
  7. Chevrolet Avalanche 2002-2008
  8. Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 1994-2005
  9. Chevrolet Camaro 1994–2002
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What is the difference between a 4L60 and a 4L60E transmission?

4L60E Transmission A 4-gear automatic shift gearbox is shared by both the 4L60 and the 4L60E transmissions; in fact, the 4L60E is almost identical to the 4L60 in practically every respect.Additionally, the 4L60 and 4L60E both have gears that are positioned or arranged longitudinally in the transmission (in a north-south direction).The 4L60E, on the other hand, has a greater capacity than the 4L60 to manage a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,600 pounds.

What year 4L60E will interchange?

700R4/4L60E/4L65E Year Ranges

Year Ranges Transmission Pan/Filter
1994-1996 4L60E Shallow
1997 4L60E Shallow – Early Deep – Late
1998-2000 4L60E Deep
2001-2003 4L60E/4L65E Deep

What transmission is in a 1988 Chevy S10?

Transmissions and fuel tanks, among other things Only the EL Regular Cab Short Bed 2WD and the EL Extended Cab Short Bed 2WD came equipped with a five-speed manual transmission that included an overdrive gear as standard equipment. The four-speed automatic gearbox with overdrive was standard equipment for the other trim levels.

Will a V6 4L60E transmission fit a V8 Chevy?

Which Engines Are Suitable for the 4L60e Transmission? The front face 4L60-E transmission is natively compatible with the V6, V8, and I6 engines, in addition to the Chevrolet 90 degree ″Small Block″ and ″Big Block″ designed engines (picture on the left).

How do I identify my Chevy transmission?

Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available for Chevrolet vehicles. You may determine whether or not a Chevy has an automatic transmission by either examining the size of the pan that is attached to the transmission or looking for an identifying number that has been stamped anywhere on the casing. Both of these methods are available to you.

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What VIN number tells you the transmission?

The four through the eight digits give information about the automobile, such as the model, the body type, the kind of restraint system, the gearbox type, and the engine code. The check digit, which is the number 9, is utilized in the process of identifying invalid VINs.

What digit in a VIN number is the transmission?

The Vehicle Description Section is comprised of the digits found in positions 4 through 9. (VDS). Your vehicle’s model, body style, restraint system, gearbox type, and engine code are all described by the fourth through eighth digits of the VIN. The ninth digit is known as the check digit, and it is employed in the process of identifying potentially counterfeit VINs.

What did the NV3500 transmission come in?

The fully synchronized NV3500 manual transmission was first made available to Dodge buyers in the 1994 Dodge Rams and Dakotas, as a replacement for the NV4500; it had a two-piece, aluminum-casting, split-case design that weighed less and had less noise than cast iron; it was the first time that Dodge buyers had the opportunity to purchase a fully synchronized manual transmission; it was a replacement for the NV4500.

What manual transmission is in my 1989 S10?

RMT5C-7 is a T5 Manual Transmission for the GM S10 Pickup/Blazer and S15 Pickup/Jimmy 4×4 5 Speed from 1983-1989.

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